I’ll provide digital experience platform (DXP) services on the web via Drupal, a robust content management tool, provides sophisticated APIs for multichannel publishing, and to track record of continuous innovation.

Approach + Plan

Find the needs & wants of the customer, come up with the appropriate approach, produce a plan for the same.

Architecture + Implementation

Convert the approach and the plan into the actual business.

Content + Engagement

Make sure admin’s and end-users are able to get the best from usage of application.

Pursue + Trump

Add or Suggest the improvements in the course of time and be evolving.


Have a look into the work I have done, few project I have worked as a single resource myself and few projects by leading a small development team.

Peoples BLOG - Blogging Site
Peoples BLOG

PeoplesBLOG - Simple Static blogging site, build with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Using Shell script and Php for compiling and creating the structure of the HTML pages.

Using almost all the open soure stuff to build the site (expect the domain).

Integrated with Adsense for generating revenue.

Posting useful and general content for large audience, we hope & wish, you get some enriching thoughts in your daily life through our articles.

Real Estate Product - Migration & Feature enhancements - Drupal7 and Drupal8.
IAG - Insurance Australia Group

Domu was born in Chicago to serve Chicago’s renters.

Domu was founded by two brothers who grew up in rented apartments in Chicago. It was a time when apartment renters turned to printed classified ads, disorganized listings, and very few amenities to choose from. Things have changed.

In 2010, Noah Schatz and Lincoln Schatz made it their mission to simplify the apartment search process. Domu is now the largest apartment listing site to focus on Chicago’s rental market.

Domu is committed to transparency, simplicity, and honesty in the apartment listing and searching process. It’s a locally owned and operated company. Although the Domu name is known to people outside of Chicago, the mission remains the same: help people in Chicago find an apartment worthy of calling home.

Insurance Products - Migration, Solr Upgrade & Feature enhancements - Drupal7 and Drupal8.
IAG - Insurance Australia Group

Leading the Drupal Team & Involved on Development & Deployment of the Drupal applications.

Drupal migration: Rebuild configuration in Drupal 8 and Migrating content from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8.

Upgrade from Solr 7 to Solr 8. Cron based re-indexing the data.

Feature enhancements in few other Drupal7 and Drupal8 sites.

iag.com.au | wfi.com.au | repairernetwork.com.au | cgu.com.au | thehub.nrma.com.au | security.iag.com.au

Drupal Developer Portal - Apigee Edge / WS02 / Plain OAS Tryout APIs - Drupal8.
Developer Portal

Drupal Developer Portal - Apigee Edge / WS02 / Plain OAS Tryout APIs -- Drupal 7 & Drupal 8 & Migration.

This was two Drupal 8 sites, one was the Developer Portal, where OAS were show as read documents for APIs and a Tryout version was available for Users to tryout. API Products & Apps & Developers were connected Apigee Edge or WS02. Second was a Drupal 8 Admin Portal, where certain Configuration & Actions for Admin was given, like Wallet & Rate Plans maintenance, Admin operations.

Autodealer Product -- with 700+ Drupal7 sites.
Affordable Cars

Autodealer Product -- with 700+ Drupal7 sites, with Aegir hostmanagment, Solr search & Drupal8 migration.

It’s a auto dealer multi drupal site, which has 700+ sites in it, maintained & worked on new features in it, And all the 700+ sites are hosted via Aegir hostmaster tool which was managed by me, And technically as Drupal developer the major things implemented are Solr search & Currently it’s in Drupal8 migration..

B2B Survey and Data Analytics Product -- Headless Drupal8.

B2B Survey and Data Analytics -- Headless Drupal7 api, with Angularjs & Drupal8 migration.

This is Headless drupal7 application where Rest API’s were created in drupal backend and were served to frontend Angular application.. And as a Drupal Developer I was involved in Drupal8 migration of this application.

Travel Booking Application -- 2 Drupal7 sites.
Liberty Travels

Travel Booking Application -- 2 D7 sites where data and UI was separated.

It was 2 drupal7 applications, where the Services API’s were created in one drupal applications and it was treated as backend and these data was served to front end drupal7 application, where drupal theming was done here.

Video library - Drupal7 site.

Video library - Drupal7 site, where videos were content and stored across Vimeo.

This was a drupal application, which is integrated to third party video library called “Vimeo”, and the content of the site i.e videos were stored in Vimeo and served back on site as thumbnails.

SimplyCE - Site Building and Theming with Drupal7.

Site Building and Theming with Drupal. Heavily configured with Search and Views.

On the theming perspective, bootstrap was used as base theme and custom theme was implemented, major work done on this site was custom theming, page level elements & Search & View pages theming.

Migrating Data - From Wordpress API to Drupal7 Database.

Migration of Data from Wordpress to Drupal, where Wordpress API was shared and Content was migrated to Drupal7 database (custom approach)

Here we build a new site in drupal where the data was bought from external wordpress site, Major work done here are, a custom approach written to read & save the data from wordpress APIs to drupal. Had checks for missing or incorrect data, in future iterations process only unprocessed data.


Have a look into the services and solutions provided. We can discuss further based on the need, I'm open to discuss client's requests and provide the Sevices which would be relavent to their products.

Content Management Services

Platform Services
  • Drupal Development
  • Drupal Upgrade & Migration
  • Drupal Strategy & Consulting
  • Drupal Site Performance Audit
  • Drupal Support & Maintenance
Migration Services
  • Replatforming from Other CMS
  • Version Upgrades & Migration
Integration Services
  • Third Party Integrations (for Products, for Payment Gateways etc)
  • Developer Portals for the API Platform

Drupal Support Services

Support Services
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Incident Management
  • Security patch & Core updates
  • Reduce Technical Debt & Performance Optimization
  • Minor Enhancements & Bug fixes

Quality & CI/CD Services

Quality Acceptance Services
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
CI/CD Services
  • Github/Gitlab CI/CD Tools
  • AWS CI/CS (Code Build, Code Pipeline & Code Deploy)


Drupal Expert / Sr Consultant / A flexible freelancer having experience in web applications development, implementation and having strong knowledge of technical specifications, workflow development and deploying.

Working on Drupal from past 10+ years.

  • Experience with Drupal 7.x, 8.x, 9.x & 10.x versions.
  • Ability to Architect, Develop, Deploy & Maintain Drupal Applications.
  • Good at helping with performance, scalability, benchmarking and profiling of Drupal Applications.
  • Superior troubleshooting and problem-solving capabilities.
  • Best of Agile development methodologies.
  • Skilled at collaborating with team members and partners across the Globe.
  • Open source contributions, Giving back to Drupal Community.

Achievements in Drupal

#8 in top 30 contributors for Drupal, listed on Dries Buytaert (Founder of Drupal) Blog in 2016.

Selected for the Grant for DrupalCon Asia 2016, and got invitation to attend, behalf of the contribution to Drupal Community.

Have helped for Drupal Core Contributions, and Drupal Contrib Contributions.

Maintainer of modules on drupal.org.


Let’s work together to build, scale and grow to the next level in our business.


Bengaluru, India


+91 7204441578

How can we start?
  1. Discussion about Goals: Before we start, I can provide a brief about your application and can brief you about the upgrades & enhancements that will be good for your Drupal Application.
  2. Be on Same Page: We can discuss on the outcome items, I will provide an effcient break down of the work into phases, we both will optimize them & come up with the Plan.
  3. We Proceed further: We finalize the SoW, with our mutual understandings and Start the Work.